The Ascend2.0 Program provides resources, advising, and mentoring to aid in the translation of promising innovations from academia to the market. Training and networking opportunities offered by ASCEND are open to all IDeA states within the western United States (Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, Montana, Nevada, Wyoming, and Idaho). Innovators interested in learning more about ASCEND resources can contact us here. Key resources offered through ASCEND are:

  • An Entrepreneurial Resource Database with key resources for: Faculty, Students, and Trainees. The database includes links to organizations and websites with key resources, archived seminars, webinars, and online courses. Resources can be filtered by region, type of resource, and who it is available to.

  • Entrepreneurial events will be hosted by ASCEND to promote entrepreneurial engagement. Events will include a seminar series hosted both online and at the institutions, an entrepreneurial course focused on the translation of academic innovations, and biomedical pitch competitions.

  • An Ascend2.0 Program managed mentoring network will help to connect innovators going through the commercialization process with mentors to help guide them through the process. The ASCEND mentor network will include serial entrepreneurs, industry experts, and academic entrepreneurs.

  • Business advising for ASCEND innovators and their technologies is available to researchers at all of the ASCEND partner institutions. Technologies can be submitted to ASCEND for consideration. Advising will include a technology review, assignment of a technology readiness level, suggested next steps, and ASCEND resources that can help move the technology forward.

  • To aid in technology development ASCEND will provide consulting on suggested avenues for funding as well as opportunities to present in front of potential inventors.