2021 Business Advising Cohort Graduates

Wednesday, August 25 2021
2021 Business Advising Cohort Graduating Companies 2021 Business Advising Cohort Graduating Companies

We are thrilled to announce the 2021 ASCEND Hub Business Advising Cohort graduates! Over the past year, these individuals have worked to develop their technologies, business strategies, and pitch decks through discussions with ASCEND Hub mentors. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Sreejayan Nair, Dr. Rita Serda, Dr. Tione Buranda, and Dr. Alexander Hafez on their hard work and entrepreneurial successes!


Sreejayan Nair, PhD, MS Pharm, FAHA
Nutriwyo | Wyoming
New therapeutic for diabetic wound healing

Alexander Hafez PhD, MBA
Circular Genomics | New Mexico
Circular RNAs as stable and reliable biomarkers to provide personalized precision healthcare for individuals with psychiatric and neurological conditions 

Rita Serda, PhD
Enchantment Pharmaceuticals | New Mexico
Personalized immunotherapy solutions to stimulate lasting anti-cancer immunity 

Tione Buranda, PhD
Elroy SPAC | New Mexico
GTPase activity assay as a clinical decision support for sepsis diagnosis and antibiotic stewardship


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