ASCEND2.0 Collaborates with the University of Montana for Mentoring

Friday, March 15 2024

As part of our collaboration with the University of Montana for ASCEND2.0, we are excited to engage in Mentoring Pilot Projects for researchers selected through the university's Center for Translational Medicine (CTM) Research program. The University of Montana's CTM program is at the forefront of bridging the gap between academic research and practical applications, facilitating the transformation of innovative ideas into tangible solutions. The CTM houses two transformative technologies that we believe will revolutionize healthcare.

With a focus on advancing technologies that enhance human health and economic growth, the CTM is pivotal in supporting researchers like Kendal Ryter and Patrick Secor, whom we will help mentor in their groundbreaking endeavors. Ryter's project, funded by a $100,000 CTM grant, delves into developing "Biodegradable, Ionizable glyco-polymers for Targeting mRNA Vaccines to Antigen Presenting Cells." This project focuses on developing innovative lipid nanoparticles tailored for mRNA vaccine delivery, offering targeted immune stimulation with minimized adverse effects. This initiative responds directly to the pressing need for enhanced vaccine delivery systems, especially in combating infectious diseases like COVID-19. Secor's research explores the potential of "Viral Lysins as a Novel Therapy for Lyme Disease," supported by a $100,000 CTM grant. This project addresses the challenges of Lyme disease, aiming to develop immunomodulatory therapies that specifically target and regulate the immune response triggered by Bb peptidoglycan.

By leveraging these technologies and fostering collaboration between academia and industry, the CTM is driving advancements in healthcare innovation and translating scientific discoveries into real societal benefits.

More About the Researchers

Kendal Ryter, an Associate Research Faculty at the University of Montana's Center for Translational Medicine, brings a wealth of expertise in chemistry to the forefront of her research pursuits. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Fort Lewis College and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Montana State University, Ryter's academic journey has equipped her with a strong foundation for pioneering advancements in biomedical sciences. Her interdisciplinary approach, coupled with her extensive training, positions her as a formidable force in the exploration of "Biodegradable, Ionizable glyco-polymers for Targeting of mRNA Vaccines to Antigen Presenting Cells," a project poised to redefine vaccine delivery mechanisms and revolutionize healthcare outcomes.

Similarly, Patrick R. Secor, Ph.D., an Associate Professor at the University of Montana's Division of Biological Sciences and a member of the CMMB Graduate Program and the Center for Translational Medicine, stands at the forefront of innovative research endeavors. His academic background and position as an Associate Professor underscores his commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and translating discoveries into practical solutions. Dr. Secor's project focused on "Viral Lysins as a Novel Therapy for Lyme Disease" promises to address the pressing healthcare challenges of Lyme disease, offering new avenues for therapeutic intervention and improved patient outcomes.

As we embark on this collaborative journey with the University of Montana and its researchers, Kendal Ryter and Patrick R. Secor, we eagerly anticipate delving deeper into their pioneering projects, learning from their expertise, and offering mentorship support through the ASCEND2.0 program. Our commitment to fostering innovation and knowledge exchange underscores our dedication to advancing healthcare solutions and driving positive change. Together, we look forward to leveraging our collective strengths to propel these transformative research initiatives toward positive impact and improved health outcomes.

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