ASCEND2.0 Announces Call for Proposals: $15,000 Funding Opportunity for Biomedical Innovations

Monday, April 29 2024

ASCEND2.0 has officially opened its call for proposals to support the advancement of new biomedical innovations with significant potential to improve quality of life and save lives.

With a vision to bridge the gap between NIH-funded research and tangible patient outcomes, ASCEND2.0 invites researchers from its partner institutions to submit proposals for pilot projects.

Under this call, two pilot projects will be selected for funding, with each researcher receiving $15,000. The primary objective of ASCEND2.0 is to equip innovators with the knowledge, skills, and training necessary to navigate the path from research to commercialization effectively.

Proposals should emphasize biomedical innovations with significant potential to enhance quality of life and save lives, particularly those with a clear and rapid path to commercialization. To be eligible, applicants must be associated with one of ASCEND2.0's eleven partner institutions and have disclosed their biomedical innovation to their institution's Technology Transfer Office (TTO), along with developing an intellectual property and technology protection strategy in collaboration with the TTO.

Selected projects will be required to provide regular progress updates, engage with educational material provided by NMSUF, and consider the end goal of submitting an SBIR or STTR following the completion of research funding. A Progress Report meeting will be held approximately six months after the project's start date, providing awardees with an opportunity to present their findings and receive input from the ASCEND2.0 Advisory Committee.

The application review timeline is as follows:

  • April 25th, 2024: Call for Applications
  • May 9th, 2024: Deadline for Submission
  • May 10th – May 13th, 2024: Application Review
  • May 15th, 2024: Notification of Awardees
  • May 22nd, 2024: Commencement of Research

Interested applicants are encouraged to carefully review the proposal guidelines and submit their applications to For inquiries or further information, please contact

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