Visionary Leadership Driving Innovation at UNLV

Thursday, May 30 2024

Building on the success of UNLV's first-ever Innovation Day, we are excited to share the visionary leadership driving this initiative forward. Dr. Kate Zhong and Dr. Jeffrey Cummings have been instrumental in bringing this event to life and have ambitious plans to make it an annual tradition.

Dr. Zhong, the Director of Innovation at the Chambers-Grundy Center for Transformative Neuroscience, brings a wealth of experience in psychiatry, pharmacology, and clinical trials, particularly in the realm of Alzheimer's disease and brain health. As the founder and CEO of CNS Innovations LLC, she has been dedicated to advancing drug development and clinical research. Her commitment to brain health is evident through her work with the Cleveland Clinic and the Global Alzheimer's Platform, where she has significantly contributed to improving and accelerating clinical trials.

Dr. Cummings, a world-renowned leader in Alzheimer's research and drug development, joined UNLV in 2019 as a research professor and the Director of the Chambers-Grundy Center for Transformative Neuroscience. His extensive background includes founding the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health and leading major Alzheimer's research centers at UCLA. Dr. Cummings has published nearly 800 articles and 44 books, and his accolades include prestigious awards from the American Geriatrics Society and the National Alzheimer's Association.

Together, this power duo envisions UNLV Innovation Day as a cornerstone event that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly in gaming and entertainment, and underscores UNLV's growing impact on neuroscience and brain health. Their leadership and expertise propel UNLV to the forefront of transformative research and community engagement. With their guidance, Innovation Day is set to become a vital annual event, cultivating a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and collaboration at UNLV.

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